We may be called Rok Skool, but there’s Punk Rock, Prog Rock and Rockabilly; Pop & Reggae, Disco & Soul, Power Ballads, Heavy Metal – a whole range of musical styles that make up the modern music era. We trawl them all, from Killing Me Softly, to Killing In The Name!

Our aim is for you to develop how to play music by ear, offering London School Of Music Grade Tuition to help you progress your skills. We work from our own books: ‘Guitar Chords’ and ‘Piano Chords’ by Rok Skool founder Hereward Kaye, published by Thunder Bay Press and available on Amazon.


  • Recording and Engineering
  • Live Sound
  • Songwriting
  • Blues Guitar
  • 3 Day Full Production / Engineering Course
  • Live Recordings
  • Music Videos


All tuition is available for kids and adults alike, designed to get you playing as quickly and as enjoyably as possible, supported by our specialised teaching staff, incorporating classic pop & rock songs to illuminate the learning process along the way. We also now offer London School Of Music Grade Tuition.


One to one, or two on one. A mixture of guitar exercises and enjoyable songs covering a range of eras. We now teach Grades as well as learning how to ‘play by ear’ and we will be working from our own guitar book: ‘Guitar Chords’ by Rok Skool founder Hereward Kaye, published by Thunder Bay Press and available on Amazon.


Before a drum kit takes up half your house, come to us and we’ll put you behind a kit and help develop a sense of rhythm with a sets of drum exercises and associated songs. Once you advance you will have the opportunity to join a Rok Skool Band.


Whatever your age, we’ll get you going, with the development option of putting you into a band and a real bass-playing situation. Ultimately, if you’re a bass player, it’s about playing with other musicians.


Are you a collection of half-developed bits of tunes, couple of lines of  here and there lyrics? Pull it all together into coherent songs to be proud of. You will be working one-to-one with a much published songwriter. Visit www.herewardkaye.co.uk to learn more.


Emphatically not your standard piano lessons with their music theory and Grades. You will be learning ‘chord piano’ – a fast-track to keyboard joy! It will involve inversions, arpeggios and classic pop/rock material, building you up as a contemporary keyboard player, with keyboard skills will that last you a lifetime. You will be learning from the book ‘Piano Chords’ written by our own teacher Hereward Kaye, published by Thunder Bay press and available on Amazon.


Our vocal coaching sessions are taught one-to-one, or in small groups. Each lesson is bespoke, tailoring the session to your voice and ability. Our expert vocal coaches – great singers in their own right – will teach you how to ‘place’ your voice to improve tone and resonance. The coaching is geared towards the modern contemporary sound and style of singing.

We have exercises to help improve your pitch and extend your range. We particularly focus on developing the strong ‘middle’ voice, vital to the modern singer. We have exercises that help smooth the transitions between chest, middle and head voice. Breathing exercises that help support the voice by developing diaphragmatic breathing. When your confidence and abilities are up to it, you will be performing in our live Shows.


Rok Skool currently runs three adult acapella groups – and a 24 voice pop choir. Singing with others is great fun, sharpens your ability to hold a harmony, and introduces you as a performer to the great British public!


Check out Bandcamp.com. Once you have recorded your material in our studio at Rok Skool, we will design your page, biog, input mastertracks & lyrics, set pricing etc and point it all at your own email so you can experience the joy of Ker-ching, whenever someone buys your track, e.p. or album! We also offer upload to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube & Tunecore internet radio release, plus tie-ins to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.



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