Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Haywards Heath

Welcome to Rok Skool, the place for piano and keyboard lessons in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an intermediate player looking to improve your skills, our experienced instructors are here to guide you on your musical journey.

At Rok Skool, we believe that music education is essential for personal growth and development. Learning to play the piano or keyboard not only enhances musical abilities but also improves cognitive skills, discipline, and creativity. Our lessons are designed to cater to the individual needs and goals of each student, providing a personalised learning experience.

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  • "Two members of our family have lessons at Rok Skool. They are fun, instructive and really worthwhile, either for just enjoyment or to take a musical career further.
    I have recommended it to many of our friends"

    Chris Williams

  • "Rok Skool is the best because I like learning my chords and jamming with Gav.

    He's so cool because he can play every instrument.
    I want to be like him".

    Luke (6 years old)

  • "My son has been attending Rok Skool lessons for a term now and is loving it! Gav makes the lessons fun and engaging for him and he's enjoying learning the theory of music as well as having a go at different instruments. Highly recommend!"

    Hannah Payne

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Why Choose Rok Skool for Your Musical Journey into Piano & Keyboard?

When it comes to piano and keyboard tuition in Haywards Heath, Rok Skool is the top choice for aspiring musicians. With years of experience in music education and a team of dedicated instructors, who are active in the music industry, we are committed to providing the highest quality of piano tuition to our students.

We work with students of all ages and skill levels, ensuring that each lesson is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the student. Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced player, our instructors will provide the guidance and support you need to reach your musical potential.

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Misconceptions about playing the piano and keyboard

There are several misconceptions about playing the piano and keyboard that can deter beginners from pursuing lessons. However, it's important to rid these misconceptions and understand the true nature of learning and playing the piano or keyboard. Here are some common misconceptions:

• You need to start at a young age: While it's true that starting at a young age can be beneficial, it's never too late to learn to play the piano or keyboard. People of all ages can learn and enjoy playing these grand instruments.

• It's too difficult: Learning any instrument requires time, dedication, and practice. With the right guidance and approach, playing the piano or keyboard can be a fun and rewarding experience. At Rok Skool, we make it fun and progression is feels fast.

• You need natural talent: While natural talent can be helpful, anyone can learn to play the piano or keyboard with proper instruction and practice. Passion and dedication are more important than innate talent.

• It's only for classical music: The piano and keyboard are versatile instruments that can be used to play a wide variety of music genres, from classical to jazz, pop, and rock.


What's the difference between Piano and Keyboard?

The main between a keyboard and a piano is how they make noise and get around. A piano is like an old-school rock star—acoustic, heavy, with hammers hitting strings inside when you press the keys, giving you that classic, rich sound. Keyboards, on the other hand, are the cool tech-savvy members of the band. They’re electronic, loaded with features that let you mimic other instruments, change sounds, and even hook up to computers. Plus, you can carry them around way easier than a bulky piano. We teach keyboards mostly, but with all the techniques you need to play both!

What age is best to start piano or keyboard lessons?

The best age to start piano or keyboard lessons can vary depending on the individual. However, most children are ready to start around the age of 5 or 6. It's important to consider their attention span, motor skills, and ability to follow instructions. Adults can start at any age and benefit from learning to play the piano or keyboard, you're never too old to learn!

The Rok Skool Approach

At Rok Skool, we take a unique approach to piano and keyboard tuition. Our teaching philosophy and cutting-edge learning techniques set us apart from other music schools. Here's what makes Rok Skool special:

• Personalised instruction: We believe in tailoring our lessons to meet the individual needs and goals of each student. Our instructors work closely with students to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and musical preferences, ensuring a personalised learning experience, as well as their favourite songs and genres.

• Focus on music theory: We place a strong emphasis on music theory as it provides a solid foundation for understanding and playing music. Our instructors make learning music theory engaging and fun.

• Practical application: We believe in the importance of practical application of skills. Our instructors guide students through exercises and repertoire that challenge and develop their musical abilities. Our regular events get's our students on stage, and performing, this helps build confidence and practise their skills to an audience.

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  • Guitar Lessons

    One to one, or two on one. A mixture of guitar exercises and enjoyable songs covering a range of eras. We now teach Grades as well as learning how to ‘play by ear’ and we will be working from our own guitar book: ‘Guitar Chords’ by Rok Skool's late founder, Hereward Kaye

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  • Singing Lessons

    Our vocal coaching sessions are taught one-to-one, or in small groups. Each lesson is bespoke, tailoring the session to your voice and ability. Our expert vocal coaches – great singers in their own right – will teach you how to ‘place’ your voice to improve tone and resonance. The coaching is geared towards the modern contemporary sound and style of singing.

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  • Drum Lessons

    Before a drum kit takes up half your house, come to us and we’ll put you behind a kit and help develop a sense of rhythm with a sets of drum exercises and associated songs. Once you advance you will have the opportunity to join a Rok Skool Band.

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  • Bass Lessons

    Whatever your age, we’ll get you going, with the development option of putting you into a band and a real bass-playing situation. Ultimately, if you’re a bass player, it’s about playing with other musicians.

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