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At Rok Skool we have bands of all levels, ages and abilities, from beginner to teenage to adult bands. Whatever your age and ability we’ll find the right one for you and develop your playing and performance skills at the same time.

In the Rok Skool band room, music becomes a shared experience, as you learn first hand the importance of teamwork. And with one of our experienced Musical Directors running the session, the execution and performance levels just get bigger and better, as the set-list grows.

And of course you get to perform! We are constantly in demand locally, for Village Days, Town Days and School Fetes. So you get plenty of opportunities to showcase your growing confidence and skills with regular live performances.

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  • "This place is brilliant - highly recommend. Highly talented musicians give instruction on all band instruments including vocal coaching. No need to be able to read music. Literally all ages. Bands and vocal groups… I love it."

    Juliet B

  • "Our daughter has been at Rok Skool learning guitar for about 18 months. She is having a fantastic time with Rory and her confidence has really grown. We are looking forward to her first performance in her band tonight."

    Joanna Elliott

  • "My daughter has been part of Rok Skool for many years. She has vocal tuition with Pat and sings in a band under the guidance of Leon. Excellent all round. Fab friendly family run business. Has made a massive difference to her confidence."

    Samantha Kerr

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Why Join a Band at Rok Skool?

Why should you join a band at Rok Skool? Well, apart from the obvious perks of making music with like-minded people, there are plenty of reasons why being part of a band can be a game-changer for your musical journey. First and foremost, being in a band means having bandmates who share your passion for music and are equally committed to creating something special. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate, learn from each other, and push each other to new heights.

• Collaborate and Learn: Being part of a band gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians, learn from their experiences, and develop your musical skills.

• Improved Performance Skills: Playing in a band helps you develop your stage presence, confidence, and overall performance skills. It's a chance to hone your abilities in front of a live audience and become a captivating performer.

• Musical Versatility: Playing in a band exposes you to different genres and styles of music. This helps you expand your musical repertoire and become a more versatile musician.

• Band Camaraderie: Being part of a band creates a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. You'll develop strong bonds with your bandmates and share the joy of creating music together.

Who Can Join a band?

What do you need to join a Band at Rok Skool

To be part of the musical magic at Rok Skool, passion and a few basics are the main requirements. Whether you're a seasoned bass player or an aspiring vocalist, all levels of expertise are welcomed with open arms. If you know four or five chords, If you can keep time, and if you're prepared to work and play hard, and be a team player, then you’re in – we’ll show you the rest! At Rok Skool, it's not just about individual skills but the synergy of bandmates creating unforgettable harmonies on stage. Embrace the opportunity and let your musical journey begin!

Age Groups and Skill Levels Welcome

At Rok Skool, we embrace individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting out, there's a place for you in our bands. From teenagers finding their groove, and experimenting to adults honing their craft and basking in nostalgia, our diverse community welcomes everyone. Our supportive environment ensures that everyone can contribute and grow together, fostering a collaborative and inclusive space where music thrives. We can't wait to get started!


How often do bands meet for practice?

Band members at Rok Skool meet for practice sessions weekly, honing their skills and preparing for performances. Regular rehearsals enhance teamwork and musicality, ensuring a tight-knit sound on stage. Consistent practice schedules help bands stay in sync and deliver electrifying shows.

Can I join a band if I haven't taken lessons at Rok Skool?

Absolutely! Yes, you can join a band at Rok Skool even if you haven't taken lessons there. As long as you know the basics of your instrument, you'll fit right in! If you're brand new to your instrument, we recommend you have a set of lessons first. The school welcomes all skill levels and ages, making it an inclusive place for music enthusiasts to come together and rock out.

What genres of music do the bands at Rok Skool play?

The bands at Rok Skool play a variety of genres, catering to diverse musical tastes. We'll find out what you love the most and try and place you with the best fit band for you. We do always encourage trying different genres too, as you might find a love for it! From rock and pop to indie and alternative, there's something for everyone to rock out to. Stay tuned for electrifying performances across different music genres!

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The Rok Skool Experience

At Rok Skool, immerse yourself in a vibrant musical haven. Experience the thrill of performing on our stage that amplifies your musical prowess. Engage with fellow musicians, from drummers to vocalists, fostering a collaborative spirit. With all instruments provided, focus solely on refining your craft. Unleash your potential in an environment that celebrates creativity and unity, making every session a memorable musical journey. So, ready to rock with us?

On-Site Large Stage Performances

Get ready to shine on stage at Rok Skool with our electrifying on-site large stage performances. We also host many events throughout the year in multiple locations to really allow you to shine. Feel the thrill of performing in front of a live audience as you showcase your musical talents. Our platform provides the perfect opportunity for you to rock out with your band mates and captivate the crowd. Experience the adrenaline rush of a real rockstar under the spotlight, all within the vibrant atmosphere of our music school.

All Instruments Provided: No Need to Bring Your Own

Experience the convenience at Rok Skool where all instruments are provided, eliminating the hassle of bringing your own gear. Whether you're a budding bass player, a skilled guitarist, or a dynamic vocalist, all your musical needs are catered to. Feel the rhythm without the worry of equipment logistics, thanks to Rok Skool's dedication to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable band experience for all members.

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Interested in other instruments?

Take a look at our other music classes

  • Guitar Lessons

    One to one, or two on one. A mixture of guitar exercises and enjoyable songs covering a range of eras. We now teach Grades as well as learning how to ‘play by ear’ and we will be working from our own guitar book: ‘Guitar Chords’ by Rok Skool's late founder, Hereward Kaye

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  • Singing Lessons

    Our vocal coaching sessions are taught one-to-one, or in small groups. Each lesson is bespoke, tailoring the session to your voice and ability. Our expert vocal coaches – great singers in their own right – will teach you how to ‘place’ your voice to improve tone and resonance. The coaching is geared towards the modern contemporary sound and style of singing.

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  • Keyboard Lessons

    Emphatically not your standard piano lessons with their music theory and Grades. You will be learning ‘chord piano’ – a fast-track to keyboard joy! It will involve inversions, arpeggios and classic pop/rock material, building you up as a contemporary keyboard player, with keyboard skills will that last you a lifetime.

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  • Drum Lessons

    Before a drum kit takes up half your house, come to us and we’ll put you behind a kit and help develop a sense of rhythm with a sets of drum exercises and associated songs. Once you advance you will have the opportunity to join a Rok Skool Band.

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  • Bass Lessons

    Whatever your age, we’ll get you going, with the development option of putting you into a band and a real bass-playing situation. Ultimately, if you’re a bass player, it’s about playing with other musicians.

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