Rok Skool Recording Studio Services in Haywards Heath

Rok Skool has a purpose built professional music studio for use by students and also for hire,  Our large life stage can accommodate solo artists, bands or even orchestras.  In addition we have a separate control room  The studio runs universal audio hardware and has Neumann and SM7B microphones.  In additional focal monitors, outboard compressors and a vocal and drum booth will give you the very best recording and production experience.

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Why Choose Rok Skool Studios?

At Rok Skool Studios, we pride ourselves on providing a cozy environment with state of the art tech.

Professional recording studio running the following pro audio equipment:

UAD Apollo Interface. (Soundcard)
SM7B & Neumann (Vocal microphones)
Drum recording facilities. (Fully functional drum room with drum mics)
Logic Pro X (DAW)
Orange, Blackstar and Marshall Heads. (Guitar amplifiers)
Strymon BigSky
Mesa Boogie Throttlebox Distortion
Walrus Audio (all outboard pedals)
Focal Monitors (studio speakers)
TV, Sofa and Xbox (fun factor, kill time whilst waiting for your bass player to get his take sinking your teeth into Xbox)


What Should I Bring to My Recording Session?

When coming to your recording session at Rok Skool Studios, it is recommended to bring your instruments if you have them, otherwise, we can provide them. We provide a vocal booth, headphones, and an audio interface for your convenience during the recording process. Bring any lyrics or chords you need to make the process as smooth as possible.

Can I Hire the Studio for Multiple Days?

Yes, you can hire Rok Skool Studios for multiple days. We understand that some projects require more time and flexibility. Whether you need a short break between sessions or want to book the studio for consecutive days, we can accommodate your needs for a seamless recording experience.

Do You Offer Music Production Lessons?

Yes, Rok Skool Studios offers music production lessons for beginners as well as those looking to enhance their skills. Our expert producers provide one-on-one guidance and hands-on training to help you develop your music production abilities and achieve your creative goals.

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A Gateway to Music Production for Students and Professionals

At Rok Skool Recording Studios, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for both students and professionals in the music industry. Our studio serves as a gateway to music production, offering tailored sessions that cater to the needs of individuals at every stage of their musical journey. Whether you are a student looking to gain hands-on experience or a professional seeking a creative space to work on your projects, we have the expertise and resources to support you. Our team of expert producers will guide you through the music production process, helping you develop your skills and create high-quality recordings.

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Check out our music lessons...

Take a look at our other music classes

  • Guitar Lessons

    One to one, or two on one. A mixture of guitar exercises and enjoyable songs covering a range of eras. We now teach Grades as well as learning how to ‘play by ear’ and we will be working from our own guitar book: ‘Guitar Chords’ by Rok Skool's late founder, Hereward Kaye

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  • Singing Lessons

    Our vocal coaching sessions are taught one-to-one, or in small groups. Each lesson is bespoke, tailoring the session to your voice and ability. Our expert vocal coaches – great singers in their own right – will teach you how to ‘place’ your voice to improve tone and resonance. The coaching is geared towards the modern contemporary sound and style of singing.

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  • Keyboard Lessons

    Emphatically not your standard piano lessons with their music theory and Grades. You will be learning ‘chord piano’ – a fast-track to keyboard joy! It will involve inversions, arpeggios and classic pop/rock material, building you up as a contemporary keyboard player, with keyboard skills will that last you a lifetime.

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  • Drum Lessons

    Before a drum kit takes up half your house, come to us and we’ll put you behind a kit and help develop a sense of rhythm with a sets of drum exercises and associated songs. Once you advance you will have the opportunity to join a Rok Skool Band.

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  • Bass Lessons

    Whatever your age, we’ll get you going, with the development option of putting you into a band and a real bass-playing situation. Ultimately, if you’re a bass player, it’s about playing with other musicians.

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