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Rok n' roll music classes in Haywards Heath & Sussex.

The only place in Haywards Heath for rock 'n' roll style guitar lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons and the place to join a band!

Music Lessons

Whether you're wanting to learn guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano or sing your heart out, we've got lessons designed to make you feel like a Rok star.


We know, we're awesome...

  • "Every dream or desire you have ever had about becoming a musician or singer starts here at Rok Skool. Every facility you need is here to play music or sing."


  • "My 8 year old Daughter has done a term of drum lessons at Rok Skool and is loving it!

    Highly recommended for music lessons."


  • "Nice little family run music school. My family loves it: one child learns the bass snd is in a band and I am part of an acapella choir."


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The Hereward Kaye Music Scholarship

We never want anyone to be excluded from making music. Find out more about how the HK Scholarship could help you.

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Making music fun again

Music classes in Haywards Heath & Sussex for students of all ages.

The only place in Haywards Heath to learn different music styles. Whether it’s pop, rock, disco, rapp, soul or jazz, or you want to be the next West End star, we’ve got you covered. 

From rhythm and bass guitar, piano, singing (solo or choir), horns to music composition, we’re the only show in town!

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What are you waiting for, it's time to become a rock star.