Rok Skool is a music school in West Sussex, providing students of all ages with a vibrant, positive experience of tuition and participation in the musical genres they love. 

Our premises, with its rehearsal rooms, demo recording studio and specialised team of teachers, make Rok Skool a musical paradise for all at the very heart of Haywards Heath. We have a second ‘live’ venue in Dane Hill, where we run our workshops, holiday activities, showcases and live shows.


Whether you’re a kid or an adult, an absolute beginner or just musically rusty; whether you’re seven, seventeen or seventy, the journey begins at Rok Skool – the family music business.


For years, we have prepared students so that they could go on to gain entry into degree-course academies. One of them – BIMM – have been the recipients of many of our students; to the degree where we were being referred to as ‘Baby Bimm’. Two years ago they offered us a more formal association. We are now proud Partners of Bimm, who have university-level academies in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Berlin and Dublin.

From September ’19 Rok Skool is proudly affiliated with Macaris – the oldest guitar Shop in the West End of London. They now have a ‘mini-shop’ in the Rok Skool waiting room, with classic guitars on offer at special discounted prices to Rok Skool students (the only other location besides the West End shop!). You might not know Macari’s was the home of one of the first Fuzz pedals around, built specially for Pete Townshend.


Founded in 2016, In A Box Records is a proudly independent production company, record label, music publisher & blog. They work to provide upcoming artists with everything they need to create, produce, release and make money from their music.


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